Scan Anderson 8-2

The Scan Anderson 8-2 is a cast iron stove with many options. All models have the same large combustion system ensures good fuel economy, optimally clean glass and cleaner flue gases, which all benefit the environment. The heat is controlled with a single handle. The Anderson 8-2 is rated at 7kW with an output of 3-9kW at 79% efficiency.

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Scan Anderson 10

The Scan Anderson 10 cast iron stove has a large combustion chamber with plenty of room for long lengths of firewood. This gives a high level of performance, requires less frequent refuelling so gives you more time to enjoy the big fire it generates. The positioning of the chrome handle means that it doesn't get hot whilst the stove is lit. The Anderson 10 is rated at 7kW with an output range of 3-9kW at 79% efficiency.

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Scan 40

The Scan 40 is available in either black and grey. A front cover for the wood compartment is available as an accessory. they ash drawer has practical lid that makes it easy to empty. The highley developed clean burn system used in Scan stoves provides a high degree of effciency with the lowest possible emissions, making it envionmentally friendley. Heat output: 3-8KW. Effciency: 80%

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Scan 45

The Scan 45 has a slim overall design-is perfectly suited to smaller rooms. The detailing with the front door covering the whole frame of the firebox incuding the top plate. As with the vast majority of Scan woodburning stoves, the 'clean burn' combustion system comes as standed. This protects the environment and the built in air wash helps keep the glass clean. Heat output: 3-7KW. Effciency: 83%.

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Scan 50

The Scan 50 series (50-5, 50-5 maxi, 50-8) is a a range of completely round wood burning stoves that are very easy to position and easy to use. The clean burning gives higher temperatures, which makes them environmentally friendly. The chrome handle is cool to touch. rated at 6kW with an output range of 3-8kW at 79% efficiency.

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Scan 53

The Scan 53 is a deluxe wood -burning stove, with the scan combustion system ensuring cleaner flue gases and clearer glass, so you can always enjoy watching the fire. ideal for corner or straight wall installations. choose from black, grey or stainless steel finish, free standing or wall-hung. Rated at 6kW with an output range of 3-8kW and 795 efficiency.

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Scan 56

The 56, with its square look in black or grey steel, is minimalistic and clean just like its low -emissions, environmentally friendly combustion. The handle under the door does not get hot. A single control operates the stove and manages the heat output. the large glass surfaces on all three sides do not get sooty if the wood is dry and the air is set correctly. They give you a fantastic view of the fire. rated at 7kW with an operating range of 3-9kW at 78% efficiency.

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Scan 57

The elliptical shape and soft lines of the Scan 57 are combined to perfection in this traditional Scan design, where you not only get a stove, but also a beautiful piece of warm furniture. The stove comes with a fixed plinth. but is also available in a revolving version, which makes it possible to enjoy the flames from all sides of the room. The 57 is rated at 7kW with an output range of 3-9kW at 78% efficiency.

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Scan DSA 3-2   3-5

The DSA 3-2 and 3-5 are equipped with ash drawers and riddling grates, so enabling the burning of selected smokeless solid fuels. The 3-2 is the curved fronted model and the 3-5 is flat fronted. These convector fireplace inserts are available in black or grey with trims in various standard sizes or made to measure. The DSA 3-2 and 3-5 are rated at 6kW with an output range of 3-8kW at 76%.

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Scan DSA 4-2

The 4-2 and 4-5 are the woodburning models, also with curved or flat fronted. Both models are equally well-suited for use in new builds or in the renovation of existing open fireplaces. The unique Scan combustion system provides for optimal, clean combustion and efficient air wash so the glass is always as clean as possible. The Scan DSA 4 range is rated at 6kW with an output range of 3-8kW at 76% efficiency.

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Scan DSA 5

The DSA 5 has large curved pane of glass in the lifting door provides a fantastic view of the fire. The environmentally neutral combustion system is quite simply one of the best there is. If the adjacent rooms are to be heated optional outlets for warm warm air are located in the top of the unit. The DSA 5 is rated at 8kW with an output of 3-10 kW.

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Scan DSA 7-5

The DSA 7-5 exemplifies Scans meticulous, beautiful design that draws attention to the liveliness of the flames through the glass pane just like an old-fashioned open fireplace. Yet underlying this design is a unique combustion system that makes efficient use of the heat. It’s form and function at its finest. The DSA 7-5 is rated at 7kW with an output range of 3-9 kW at 78% efficiency.

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Scan DSA 8-5

The DSA 8-5 has the same brilliant features and combustion system as the 7-5 but is 55mm shorter, thus making the front more landscape in appearance. The combustion chamber is developed so that even with a minimal use of wood, a high efficiency and an environmentally neutral combustion are ensured. The DSA 8-5 is rated at 7kW with an output range of 3-9 kW at 78% efficiency.

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Scan DSA 6

The portrait version of the DSA 7 and 8. A wood-burning insert that suits a taller, narrower setting. A heat output range of 3 too 7kw.

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Scan DSA 12

The Scan DSA 12 is a fantastic built in double sided stove. There are no baffle plates obscuring your vision yet the combustion is optimal. This is possible because of an innovative combustion technology deveoped especially for this product, which also has closed combustion as standard. The stove can be operated from both sides, however the door either side can be secured if required. The functional door handle is flush with the front. Max log length 50 cm, Nominal performance 8 Kw.

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